our story

Authentic Property Management founder Richard Adamski moved to Sydney in 2006 to begin his real estate career in the inner west. Starting in a sales role in Glebe he realised early on that sales were not his passion. He soon transitioned into leasing consultancy which gave him a grasp of property management with real world experience.

His next platform for growth was working for an independent company in Rozelle where he shadowed the director of the company. In this position Richard was able to strengthen his skills and through a strong work ethic and desire to achieve the best outcome for every client he was able to spearhead growth for the business in the developing property management department.

In 2014 Richard moved on to new challenges, joining a larger agency in Drummoyne. In this office he was exposed to a more efficient management style with the use of technology at its core. Working up to the Senior Property Manager position he was now responsible for looking after his own portfolio of clientele along with overseeing junior staff.

Throughout his career a common problem had presented itself which was echoed across every agency he came into contact with: there was always too much work and not enough time. Property Managers are expected to look after a seemingly infinite amount of properties without consideration for the lack of service that is provided when numbers become too great.

Hiring new staff seems like the obvious solution to this problem. Unfortunately new employees will only be brought on board once there is enough money to support their salary. This means that for long periods of time the existing staff are overloaded and given too many tasks to adequately handle. In most cases new clients continue to increase without any new staff joining the agency as the owner of the business sees the improved cash flow and assumes that everyone can handle things as they are. At this point existing clients slowly start to take notice of the lack of service that is being provided across the board and they begin to leave in droves for greener pastures, in many cases landing at the start of the cycle in the next agency.

Another problem that Richard identified was a lack of transparency in the industry. Many real estate offices create a culture of secrecy, with a pressure to keep insider knowledge quiet to better manage their clients (that’s right, clients – not their investment properties) who are in the dark about the operation and management of their own properties.

Looking to change all this Richard opened the doors to his own agency in 2016, focussing on the client by implementing a system based around honesty and transparency that can never allow a situation where the amount of work becomes too great for any one individual.

Richards quality and quantity of knowledge and experience, gained through ongoing training, natural curiosity and paying extraordinary attention to minute details has provided the foundation for Authentic Property Management to do things in a way many have not realised was possible. We work to solve problems without fuss, provide excellent communication and maximise value using a rare and honest approach to client services.

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