At Authentic Property Management, we aim to add value to every interaction we have whether it’s with clients, tenants, tradespeople or the general public.

To achieve our goals, we use a transparent and open system – an honest approach to property management.

We cap individual portfolio sizes

Capping the amount of properties we look after is the foundation for our entire business, and solves the biggest problem every single real estate office encounters.

According to industry best practice, the maximum number of properties a Property Manager should look after is 120. As offices exceed this number, the quality of service declines. Authentic Property Management focuses on our clients first. With your Property Manager managing less than the accepted standard, it ensures all of your needs are well looked after. Over-service is not an understatement!

What business model do we use?

Authentic Property Management operate a Portfolio Based system of property management. This advantages clients by giving them a dedicated point of contact who is also your Property Manager. They will always be able to answer your questions and know exactly what is happening with your property.

How can we provide what the big companies provide?

We don’t skimp out on the essentials. Technology is big part of modern day life. While it isn’t cheap to license the various software packages or to buy the necessary hardware the truth is that any office that embraces this is moving in the right direction (mind you, one needs to use the technology correctly to make it effective).

We use the same software and tools used by all the big franchises, only more effectively due to our long-standing experience servicing Sydney’s property investors. As they say; quality over quantity.

But can we *really* do a better job than your local {insert brand name} office?

Many brands have done quite well, fuelling a big franchise model in this industry. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Your local {brand name} office has no affiliation with their counterpart in the next suburb over. In fact even though they share the same company name, they are in direct competition with each other! All these offices run their businesses differently, using different forms, different procedures, different software, different practices and holding different views on what is important.

They might tout the benefits of being involved with such a big network of real estate offices, but in reality, these offices aren’t in direct communication with each other.

Their head office doesn’t even provide anything to these companies other than a brand name in return for a slice of their profits.

At Authentic Property Management, you aren’t just another number – we listen to your needs and exceed your expectations with each interaction. We understand that our clients are the driving force of our business and we treat every one of our valued clients as if they’re the only one.

How can you trust us?

Trust is the biggest element in our industry and the one we value most. We care a lot about what we do and the people we do it for. For us this isn’t a job, it’s a career – life long.

It’s important to us that our clients know we’re constantly striving to achieve the best outcome for them and those who know us personally can vouch for our honest and hardworking nature.

Our entire approach to this industry is transparency purely because we hate seeing so many clients get taken advantage of without even knowing it. With Authentic Property Management what you see is what you get: and trust is one thing you won’t ever have to worry about.

What else do I need to know about Authentic Property Management?

Our services are task based and diarised to ensure we take care of every detail and nothing is missed. You can expect the following:

-An inspection will be carried out at the 3 month mark for all new tenancies. If the inspection is to your satisfaction we will scale these back to occur every 9 months. If the first or subsequent inspections are not to satisfaction they will occur more regularly until they improve. You will also receive detailed reports in colour with photos for each inspection so you can see exactly how your investment is being looked after if you choose not to attend.

-Rent is receipted daily which also means that rental arrears are monitored daily as well. If you look at the proposals from other agencies you’ll see they will only contact you if the tenant is 14 days late with their rent. We feel it’s important that you know what is going on and will communicate if any potential delays to rent will be expected much earlier than the 14 day mark. We understand that rental income is integral to you servicing your loan and will ensure there are no nasty surprises as a result.

-Some landlords prefer tenants to be on leases for insurance purposes while others don’t mind the flexibility of a continuing lease (one that has expired and has no fixed term period). We will contact you at least 70 days prior to the end of each lease to get instruction about how you would like us to proceed with the tenancy.

-Rent reviews are carried out at several points: 70 days before an existing lease is up for renewal and every 9 months when the property is physically inspected.

-We have a modern approach to maintenance issues with to-the-minute updates at every step of the process. Tenants are required to submit photos of all repairs that can’t be seen in person to allow a greater understanding and resolution to anything that arises.

-We arrange for your mortgage to be assessed and compared to what is currently on offer in the market every 12-18 months. If it looks like we can get you a better rate on your home loan we’ll advise you and can facilitate this process as an additional way of increasing your net return. Remember – there are several ways to produce an income from an investment property! This is a free service and one that we offer only if you prefer to utilise it.

-We can assist with having depreciation schedules organised at discounted rates. For more information about how a depreciation schedule can increase your net return along with other property investment tips  click here.

-While we are obligated by legislation to carry out urgent repairs for tenants in certain circumstances you will always be aware of what is going on and when it comes to repairs of a minor nature will always be advised prior to us sending out a contractor for maintenance.

-Our tenancy application processing is strict and thorough to ensure the best tenants are selected for your property. We will always make recommendations and discuss the pros and cons of each prospective tenant with you however the final decision on who will move into your property will always be yours.


To discuss any of our services in greater detail simply click below and we will be in touch shortly